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Got a Terrible Office Tyrant? Tame your TOT™ can help.

Introducing the Terrible Office Tyrant (TOT)!

Is your boss a Terrible Office Tyrant or TOT, who can revert to a helpless toddler, or worse, a tantrum-prone bully? Everyone is capable of TOT regressions. But when bosses resemble tots in their Terrible Twos - it can ruin more than your day. Lynn Taylor, the most recognized national workplace expert/author, is here to help!

Check out Lynn Taylor's best-selling book, Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant™: How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job It's a classic, timeless guide for employees and managers alike (in hardcover & Kindle) and remains an Amazon bestseller for 7 consecutive years.

There are striking parallels between TOTs, aka "bad bosses" and out of control children; 20 childish human behaviors in fact. The difference is whether people should allow the child within to inspire...or rule them."

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Got a TOT? Watch the Video!

If you think you work for or with a Terrible Office Tyrant™ (TOT), or have TOTs running amok in your company, watch this clip. Do you see your boss or other workers in the video? If so, order the book NOW, to learn how to set limits to bad boss behavior, mitigate conflict, and THRIVE in your job!

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Lynn Taylor, Workplace Expert, Talks About Tame Your TOT™

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What is a Terrible Office Tyrant?

Lynn Taylor, bestselling author, workplace expert and coach, describes the definition of Terrible Office Tyrants, or TOTs in the office.

Anyone can be a Terrible Office Tyrant...

Lynn Taylor, workplace expert, explains why Terrible Office Tyrants (TOTs) can be any mortal you know; they're not limited to "bad bosses." We all share the same human (and sometimes childlike) instincts. The key is managing them during conflict.

How to Manage Up and use CALM

Managing up is key to career advancement. Understanding your manager, but also using positive and negative reinforcement, and setting limits to bad boss or team behavior - will help your career prospects.

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Please visit www.LynnTaylorConsulting.com, www.LynnTaylor.com and www.TameYourTOT.com for hundreds of articles on career and management advice. We'd love to hear from you!

Meet Lynn Taylor: Workplace Expert, Author, Coach, Speaker

Lynn TaylorLynn Taylor is a nationally recognized workplace expert, speaker and the author of the best-selling career and management book, Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant™ - TOT (John Wiley & Sons). Her widely acclaimed conflict resolution book is available at Amazon.com: http://ow.ly/3KM2f and Barnes & Noble. It's a timeless yet humorous tool for employees and managers which helps boost morale and profits.

Taylor is the CEO of Lynn Taylor Consulting (Southern Calif.), which provides leadership coaching and seminars to organizations on how to establish a more productive workforce. Taylor is a Contributor to BusinessInsider.com, a regular Work blogger for PsychologyToday.com, has been a guest writer for Bloomberg Businessweek, and is a top Google-ranked "workplace expert."

She has been interviewed on NPR, Fox, ABC Network TV and HuffingtonPost.com, and has been quoted in The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and hundreds of other media outlets over the past 20 years. Taylor has coined such terms as "Gen U," for Generation "Unretired" and "Tempreneur," for entrepreneurial project workers. She often addresses topics on careers, job searches, hiring, managing up and "how to humanize the workplace" in the news media.

Lynn has developed the Tame Your TOT™ concept and franchise through extensive research studies. Her 20 years of workplace expertise is rooted in her own corporate experience, and in her past work with global employment firms, Robert Half International (RHI) and Adecco. She received her B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications from New York University. For more information, see Contact page or call 1-800-454-0083.

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TOT Tantrum

Lynn Taylor's Blog

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TOT™ Taming Tips

Terrible Office Tyrant – TOT! TOT Taming expert Lynn Taylor answers your questions about challenging boss behaviors, as well as office politics, careers, corporate culture, difficult co-workers and subordinates, job searches, and much more.

Surviving Tough Times

Dear Lynn,
Things are pretty tense in our office. Sales are down, there are rumors of budget cuts, and even layoffs are possible. On the whole, we're trying to stick to business as usual, but it's been hard. On top of that, our boss has been hard to deal with. Some days, she's been an ally, but other days, she's tense, nervous, and short-fused. She often says to my colleagues, "You're lucky to have a job." How do I keep from losing my cool — or worse, my job, in this environment?
— The Worried Worker

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More About Tame Your TOT

Author and workplace expert Lynn Taylor warns employees to "Beware of the TOT!" TOTs (Terrible Office Tyrants™) are everywhere in the office. But Lynn's combination of humor and TOT Taming tips, along with her Managing Up philosophy, will help you overcome the challenges of the many varieties of difficult bosses, including: demanding bosses, spoiled bosses, needy or whiny bosses in the workplace.

TOT taming guru Taylor will also answer your questions about navigating office politics. At Tame Your TOT™, our goal is to empower you and to give you a greater degree of control over your life at work.

"Whether they are demanding, self-centered, distracted, needy, fickle, prone to micro-managing, mood swings, or tantrums … you name it, TOTs can act out similarly to toddlers in their Terrible Twos. Not surprisingly, the same techniques used in parenting an impatient, spoiled or bewildered child are often effective solutions for dealing with a childish boss", says Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant™ (TOT)! author Lynn Taylor.

The good news is you have already taken the first step in taking greater control over your job and future. Welcome to Tame Your TOT™!


More About Lynn Taylor

Lynn Taylor is a nationally renowned workplace guru, noted speaker, author, and consultant. She regularly conducts research on the latest trends in workplace issues. Taylor specializes in helping employees successfully "Manage Up" and excel in their careers, particularly in challenging work situations. Lynn's goal is to help you humanize your workplace™, gaining greater control, respect and peace of mind in your work life.

In addition to her work with employees interested in career advancement, Taylor also works with CEOs, senior management and training executives who want to increase corporate productivity by improving employee/manager relations. Lynn has 20 years of experience in employment issues, including her past work with global employment firms Adecco and Robert Half International (RHI), parent company of Accountemps and OfficeTeam.

To learn how to TOT proof your company™, visit Lynn Taylor Consulting for a variety of solutions while you transform your Terrible Office Tyrants™ (TOTs) into more productive, effective and trustworthy managers.

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Screaming Video

Frustrated Businessman Don't miss our featured Screaming Video on Joe's unbelievable but true Terrible Office Tyrant™ (TOT) encounter. If you've ever struggled with a TOT, you'll appreciate how he survived one of his boss's many meltdowns.

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The TOT Blog

Frustrated Businesswoman Got a TOT? You're not alone! Dare to share your story at the TOT Blog with other TOT tamers in the making, while Lynn helps you: cope with difficult or childish bosses and office politics, and humanize your workplace™ with your new Managing Up and people skills. The end result? Greater fulfillment in your job and advancement in your career.

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