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Handle A Bad Boss Like a Pro

29October 2015

(Even If He Hates You) You’ve heard the phrase, “When the going get’s tough, the tough get going.” Well that applies to managing up with a tough boss. Don’t just sit there. This is your opportunity to take the high road and role model good behavior (assuming, of course that your boss’s behavior is tolerable […]

The Money Talk

23September 2015

The interviews went well; you like the company; the company likes you. Now there comes a point in the application process where the company is going to tell you how much they actually like you – through the numbers of your proposed salary. If that is more or less what you feel you are worth, […]

A Match Made In Heaven?

8September 2015

There is a certain important aspect of a job interview that is not getting proper attention. It is something that will have the most profound impact on your job satisfaction, and ultimately your career – yet it is often neglected. It’s compatibility with your prospective boss. It’s true that people don’t leave jobs, they leave […]

How Do You Cope with Annoying Co-Workers?

11July 2015

There is an important corollary to the phrase “It takes all kinds to make a world”: some of those “kinds” are not always easy to be around. If the micro-world of your workplace includes someone annoying, there’s no picking and choosing; you’ve got to stick it out. (Not that we are all perfect.) But there […]

Bad Boss Spotting

2June 2015

(Or Not Running Into One In The First Place) The sheer fact that bad bosses have spawned a movie franchise speaks to their pervasiveness. It’s not surprising – so much of your well-being depends on the person you work for. A good manager will help you thrive and bring out the best in you. A […]