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Have You Seen The Horrible Bosses Sequel?

28November 2014

(I Hope It Doesn’t Remind You Of Someone You Know) Horrible Bosses Two is in theaters, and whether you’ve seen the movie or not, it’s a good reminder to check whether those two words also sum up your current work situation. Bosses with exalted, entitled views of their authority may act out not unlike ‘terrible twos’ toddlers. […]

Bad Boss Readiness

21October 2014

Prevention Is The Best Cure In the realm of the omniscient Google, “good boss” returns way more results than “bad boss”. Yet, when I talk to people about their work, it’s usually the other way around. Even when giving their boss an overall OK, people still tend to bring up some feature they find annoying […]

Success In The New Millennium

19August 2014

How Generation Y Use Their Downtime. “We all define ‘success’ differently, but most millennials associate it with happiness, good health, a strong social network, and a well-balanced life,” – says Jacquelyn Smith in her article 13 Things Successful Millennials Do In Their Spare Time, on the popular Business Insider website. For this article I discussed […]

A Case for Mondays

10May 2014

The weekend just flew by; the alarm clock is going off on a Monday morning. You open your eyes; you are about to start the day. Scratch that – after the weekend break Monday morning feels like the start of the week. There are a number of things to be done, from the most mundane […]

Recommended Reading: First Things First

25March 2014

Most of us remember our first days at every job because of the heightened pressure to impress. But you can reduce your anxiety by being as meticulous in planning your first day as you were in securing your new position. You’ll need to find your bearings in relation to your management and co-workers and “learn the […]